Base materials

We hold a large range of stock materials, more than 50 types of base substrate. Add to this the many, many additional products held by our suppliers, just about anything you could want, we can get. Our only limitation is, for extremely unique materials, there will almost certainly be a minimum order quantity. This occasionally proves uneconomic for our customers, but we always offer alternative solutions to meet your demands.

Printing Foils

Literally HUNDREDS of colours, Metallic, Holographic, Primary colours, Wood effect and many different Silvers and Golds.

Laminating Films

Should your labels be exposed to harsh environments or solvents that may erase the print as with Perfumes, Alcohol and Chemicals we can offer a range of protective films for your labels from stock. Normally a thin Gloss film which ‘does what it says on the tin’ protects the print on your label. However, there are many films which can enhance the look of your labels. We have Gloss, Matt, and textured overlaminate films in many thicknesses to enhance and protect the underlying print.


Can’t find the right colour of base material for the background or the right foil for your text – no problem. We’ll match any colour for either the background or text and with this determine the correct process to manufacture your labels. Please see the section on Processes.